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The next best thing to being there, with a little imagination, you are there. If you can't get away, don't want to stand in endless lines for airport security, or long "are we there yet" car rides, this is the no muss no fuss costs you nothing vacation.

Here's what you do; below are a series of my favourite virtual vacation destinations, each features a live webcam link(s), a radio station link and a weather link. Click and arrange all of them on your computer screen to take in the live sites and sounds of your virtual vacation destination.

Key West, Florida
This is my preferred virtual get-away, there are a number of excellent live, full motion webcams from which to choose and the local radio station plays a great selection of rock and oldies.

Duval St. Webcam
clcik here
This camera is on the main drag of Duval Street and also has sound so listen in. Early in the mornings watch and listen for a rooster that wanders this area and in the afternoon keep an eye out for a Pirate who poses with the tourists.

Bunch More
KeyWest Webcams
click here
There are a number of other great webcam locations in Key West, be sure to check out what's happening in the bar scene and watch the entertainment live on stage at the Hog's Beath Saloon or Sloppy Joes. See what's happening at Earnest Hemingway's home or take in what of the beach scenes or catch a sunset. Remember, these are all live webcams so time your visits accordingly. NOTE: Watch for links to "Streaming Cams" these are the better full motion and sound cameras.

U.S.1 Radio named for the highway that runs through te keys, plays a variety of classic rock and oldies, it really adds to the sense that you are there in Key West.

This is the current weather conditions and the latest forecast for Key West.

You Are Here. This Google map will give you an idea of where you are and the general lay of the land. The map is centred on the exact location of the Duval St. webcam.

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