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Business Name:Key Mail Canada Inc
Contact Person:Sales
Phone Number:905-677-1692
Address:2756 Slough Street
L4T 1G3
Description:If you're a current international bulk mailer, or thinking about becoming one, you're about to make a choice for the better. Key Mail can provide better value for your money, better quality, and ease of access - thanks to our experienced, dedicated approach to the handling of your international mailings. Key Mail, with a global agency network can provide local service in all key cities before we hand off your mailing to our international associates. The result is fast, reliable service worldwide. Global Connections With offices in North America, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia, Key Mail provides unparalleled service through its association with leading postal administrations throughout the world. Each office can provide an array of products and options to suit your needs as to speed, price and delivery. Our global services provide access to over 280 countries worldwide. Quality Control At Key Mail, our number one priority is quality service, from the minute your mailing is picked up to its final destination. Each shipment is tracked through to deposit into the postal stream of the country of destination. Superior Service & Experience As an industry leader, Key Mail offers your business innovative mailing solutions for the growing global marketplace. Dedication to quality service has always been, and always will be, our key priority. The Key Mail group of companies continues to pursue global excellence. Years of experience in international mail services, courier and freight have paid dividends, and provided clients with premium support and service at competitive prices. We are supported by our first class sister company, AIR WORLD EXPRESS, one of North America's leading freight forwarding organizations. Key Mail Mission Statement Key Mail vows to its clients that, through its experience, worldwide postal administration contacts, competitive pricing, superior service and above all, the dedication, integrity and endeavour of all our employees, clients will enjoy an unparalleled level of satisfaction in the services we provide.
Categories:Transportation, Shipping
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