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Business Name:Glen Elgin Real Estate
Contact Person:Dave Jarvis
Phone Number:905-945-7730
Address:16 Mountain Street
L3M 3J8
Description:Today, at Glen Elgin Real Estate Corp., it's quality and knowledgeable advice that's our strength - and David Jarvis believes the strength of our economy lies in small business. Glen Elgin Real Estate Corp. is located in the former Moore House on Mountain Street, where history blends with today to form a unique and specialized service. The location of Glen Elgin Real Estate Corp. is in an Ontario Heritage designated building that seems as natural to the owner-broker as the name he has chose for his new business. In the early 1800's, Glen Elgin was a thriving community near Balls Falls. It was the heart of the commercial and industrial area, until the railway, placed along the bench lands, shifted the commerce to Beamsville and Grimsby. David Jarvis is intent on re-kindling this pioneering spirit. Armed with more than 30 years experience in real estate, along with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen's University, David has made the name "Glen Elgin" once again synonymous with success. David was licensed as a real estate salesman in 1971, and was for many years the manager-broker for a national firm. Glen Elgin's business specializes in commercial and industrial properties, along with new and unique residential homes in the Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln and Stoney Creek area. David has drawn together Glen Elgin's team of professionals which have over two centuries of combined experience in real estate - which has created a local business with extensive knowledge and success. A marketing program is designed for each individual property, whether commercial, industrial or residential - to meet their respective desired results. As David walks into his office, where the high, coved ceilings, oak trim and bevelled glass are reminders of the past - he is looking ahead and sees Glen Elgin Real Estate Corp. continuing to fulfill its promise for the future.
Categories:Construction, Rental, Real Estate
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